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All-Star Top 10 Series

The All-Star Top 10 Series takes youth baseball tournament competition to the next level. Each season, teams compete in youth baseball tournaments and earn points based on wins and championships to try to reach #1 in the rankings. Does your squad have what it takes to be the best?

2019 Tournament Schedule



  1. SJ Young Guns
  2. Rail Dogs
  3. Falcons Baseball Club
  4. Chester County Rebels
  5. ASBA Downingtown
  6. Playmakers
  7. Bownet
  8. Doylestown Tigers


  1. BBA Expos
  2. ASBA Downingtown
  3. HCYP Raiders Whte
  4. Diamond Baseball Academy
  5. Bell Ringers
  6. Full Count National
  7. Delaware Bandits
  8. Baseball U PA
  9. HCYP Raiders Blue
  10. Baseball U PA
Honorable Mentions: Full National American, SJ Sandsharks


  1. Falcons Baseball
  2. Diamond Baseball Academy
  3. Colossal Team Addidas
  4. Baseball U North Jersey
  5. Mid Maryland United
  6. Bell Ringers
  7. NJ Baseball
  8. Ballyhoo Gamers
  9. Whiz Kids Stars
  10. Titus Sports Academy

Honorable Mentions: Garden State Vipers, Complete Performance

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