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Showcase Training Programs

All-Star Baseball Academy is offering several packages that will help 2020-2023 Graduation Year players prepare to showcase their skills in front of the college coaches they covet the most. Over the 8 week training program players will learn each aspect of the showcase while being trained on the following topics to help prepare players mentally and physically for baseball at the next level.

DEFENSIVE TRAINING: Catch throw efficiency, outfield crow hops, infield footwork, arm slot training, and catchers pop times.

OFFENSIVE TRAINING: Bat speed training, mental preparation for showcase batting practice, 60 yard dash training.

Players will get to choose from the following workout options along with the 2019 selection of Prospect Camps. Players in 8th – 10th grade who may not be ready for a showcase event can get a head start by participating in the workouts without committing to any exposure events.

STP SessionDaysWorkout DatesCostRegister
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