Available at our six locations, our private 1:1 baseball and softball lessons focus on hitting, pitching, and fielding for players looking to improve their skill sets.


Baseball Package 4-Hours: $445
Softball Package 4-Hours: $445
Baseball Package 8-Hours: $839
Softball Package 8-Hours: $839
Baseball Package 16-Hours: $1,579
Softball Package 16-Hours: $1,579
Baseball Package 25-Hours: $2,454
Softball Package 25-Hours: $2,454
Baseball Package 50-Hours: $4750
Softball Package 50-Hours: $4750


Cancellation Policy:

To cancel or reschedule any lesson we require at minimum of 24-hour notice. Failure to cancel 24-hours before your scheduled lesson time will result in being unable to rescheduled and the time will be charged to your lesson package.

Lesson Payment:

All lessons must be paid for in full. No session by session payment is allowed. Lessons will not be scheduled until payment is received. Any remaining credit from lessons will remain as a credit with All-Star Sports Academy to be used within 1 year of the credit date. No refunds will be given for private lessons.

Lesson Package Expiration:

Each lesson package has an expiration which is dependent on how many lessons are purchased. Expiration dates are to ensure players are receiving the most value from their lessons by consistently maximizing repetitions during your instruction period.

All lessons must be completed prior to the expiration date or the remaining lessons will be forfeited.

Expiration periods are as followed:

  • 1 Month for 1-3 lessons
  • 3 Months for 4-8 lessons
  • 6 Months for 9-16 lessons
  • 10 Months for 17-32 lessons
  • 12 Months for 33 or more lessons

All-Star reserves to right to change instructors as needed. Players will be notified via email or phone call prior to the lesson.