Central PA Prospect Camp 2019

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Central Pennsylvania Prospect Camp

Schools Attending:


The 2019 Central PA Prospect Camp is open to any and all participants who will graduate high school in 2020, 2021 or 2022. The camp will take place on Wednesday, July 31st at Lebanon Valley College in Annville, PA.

The event will incorporate both individual skills workouts and live games. Players are to arrive for check-in one hour prior to their posted session start times. Players will run a 60-yard dash, take batting practice, and participate in a full infield/outfield prior to playing a game. Participants will get measured for their 60-yard dash, bat exit velocity, catchers pop times and pitchers velocity. Upon completion of the event players will receive a player profile on our website as well as a college coaches evaluation card.

This event is less than 7 days away. To register, call (484) 857-1039.

If you have any questions regarding the Central PA Prospect Camp, click here to contact us or call (484) 857-1039.

Report Times

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First NameLast NameSessionReport Time
RyanGlassSESSION 19:00am
BennettMaronicSESSION 19:00am
WyattMetzgerSESSION 19:00am
AustinBachSESSION 19:00am
MikeKelemenSESSION 19:00am
JulianDomenechSESSION 19:00am
BenHoughtonSESSION 19:00am
HenrySmithSESSION 19:00am
GriffinSnyderSESSION 19:00am
JaydenMartinSESSION 19:00am
ColeWeigardSESSION 19:00am
IzakNadzomSESSION 19:00am
JaceWhiteSESSION 19:00am
NathanDieterSESSION 19:00am
ColeHollingerSESSION 19:00am
GiovanniPelosiSESSION 19:00am
MasonScheibSESSION 19:00am
MichaelMoseSESSION 19:00am
RyanPetrucciSESSION 19:00am
JacksonThompsonSESSION 19:00am
PatrickYoderSESSION 19:00am
JakeMyersSESSION 19:00am
RileyThomasSESSION 19:00am
ChancePetteysSESSION 19:00am
ZachKratzSESSION 19:00am
MitchSassaniSESSION 19:00am
JackBeasleySESSION 19:00am
GavinHarnischSESSION 19:00am
BrandonSimsSESSION 19:00am
JackSmithSESSION 19:00am
ZackTukisSESSION 19:00am
EricSoccioSESSION 19:00am
CameronNebelSESSION 19:00am
MikeMcCardellSESSION 19:00am
LukePayneSESSION 19:00am
RyanSchubertSESSION 19:00am
KohenStoverSESSION 19:00am
KevinLehnerSESSION 19:00am

  • Camp Dates: 7/31/19
  • Location: Lebanon Valley College in Annville, PA
  • Cost: $249