Academic Prospect Camp 2019

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Academic Prospect Camp

Schools Attending:

                                                                                                                                         Washington College     

The 2019 Academic Prospect Camp is open to any and all participants who will graduate high school in 2020, 2021 or 2022. The camp will take place on Wednesday, July 17th and Thursday, July 18th at Villanova Ballpark in Plymouth Meeting, PA.

The event will incorporate both individual skills workouts and live games over the two-day period. Players will be assigned to a morning or afternoon session each day. Game assignments and arrival times will be emailed one week prior to the event. Players are to arrive for check-in one hour prior to their posted session start times. Players will run a 60-yard dash, participate in a defensive showcase and play a game on Day 1. Day 2 will consist of showcase batting practice and a game.

Pitcher Only pricing is available for this event and must be done with a staff member over the phone. Please contact us at (484) 857-1039 for registration. Pricing will be $449.

Pitcher Only participants should be prepared to throw at least one simulated inning each day and will not play another position or bat during games. It is permissible for Pitcher Only players to participate in the defensive showcase, 60-yard dash, and showcase batting practice prior to games, but that is not required. Please speak with an ASBA staff member at check-in to confirm availability to throw each day.

Online registration is no longer available because this event is less than a week away. To register, call (484) 857-1039.

If you have any questions regarding the Academic Prospect Camp, click here to contact us or call (484) 857-1039.

Report Times

Report times have been emailed to all registered participants. If you did not receive this email, please click here to update your email address in our system.

First NameLast NameTeamSession (Day 1)Day 1 Report TimeSession (Day 2)Day 2 Report Time
ConnorBarthmaierBlueSESSION 17:30AMSESSION 17:30AM
JakobCorropoleseBlueSESSION 17:30AMSESSION 17:30AM
ZachGardnerBlueSESSION 17:30AMSESSION 17:30AM
DylanBergerBlueSESSION 17:30AMSESSION 17:30AM
ColbyChanBlueSESSION 17:30AMSESSION 17:30AM
MasonSermariniBlueSESSION 17:30AMSESSION 17:30AM
CoryBurnsBlueSESSION 17:30AMSESSION 17:30AM
SeanCottrellBlueSESSION 17:30AMSESSION 17:30AM
RyanFickBlueSESSION 17:30AMSESSION 17:30AM
GageMillerBlueSESSION 17:30AMSESSION 17:30AM
PatOakesBlueSESSION 17:30AMSESSION 17:30AM
ColinWilliamsBlueSESSION 17:30AMSESSION 17:30AM
AidanCataniaBlueSESSION 17:30AMSESSION 17:30AM
PatrickGuinanBlueSESSION 17:30AMSESSION 17:30AM
WalterSadowskyBlueSESSION 17:30AMSESSION 17:30AM
KevinOakleyBlueSESSION 17:30AMSESSION 17:30AM
JohnHolobetzBlueSESSION 17:30AMSESSION 17:30AM
SunnyKwonBlueSESSION 17:30AMSESSION 17:30AM
JakeMonahanBlueSESSION 17:30AMSESSION 17:30AM
WillFritchBlueSESSION 17:30AMSESSION 17:30AM
DannyGibsonWhiteSESSION 17:30AMSESSION 211:00AM
MaxHaasWhiteSESSION 17:30AMSESSION 211:00AM
ChristianKreiserWhiteSESSION 17:30AMSESSION 211:00AM
CollinManelWhiteSESSION 17:30AMSESSION 211:00AM
BrodyValentineWhiteSESSION 17:30AMSESSION 211:00AM
BlazeFadioWhiteSESSION 17:30AMSESSION 211:00AM
MichaelFlahertyWhiteSESSION 17:30AMSESSION 211:00AM
JackHornWhiteSESSION 17:30AMSESSION 211:00AM
Mark JinLeeWhiteSESSION 17:30AMSESSION 211:00AM
JoeyCattieWhiteSESSION 17:30AMSESSION 211:00AM
JamesCatronWhiteSESSION 17:30AMSESSION 211:00AM
RobbyBeamWhiteSESSION 17:30AMSESSION 211:00AM
DanielWagnerWhiteSESSION 17:30AMSESSION 211:00AM
JakeSianiWhiteSESSION 17:30AMSESSION 211:00AM
WillWeidnerWhiteSESSION 17:30AMSESSION 211:00AM
AidenFisherWhiteSESSION 17:30AMSESSION 211:00AM
MichaelFoxWhiteSESSION 17:30AMSESSION 211:00AM
JackPalmerineWhiteSESSION 17:30AMSESSION 211:00AM
MitchellFloccareWhiteSESSION 17:30AMSESSION 211:00AM
BillyBarliaGoldSESSION 211:00AMSESSION 211:00AM
ChristianDinalloGoldSESSION 211:00AMSESSION 211:00AM
GregKoppGoldSESSION 211:00AMSESSION 211:00AM
ThomasClancyGoldSESSION 211:00AMSESSION 211:00AM
SeanMatsonGoldSESSION 211:00AMSESSION 211:00AM
DanteMessinaGoldSESSION 211:00AMSESSION 211:00AM
TommyAjjanGoldSESSION 211:00AMSESSION 211:00AM
MartinBarnackGoldSESSION 211:00AMSESSION 211:00AM
KevinLehnerGoldSESSION 211:00AMSESSION 211:00AM
ConnorSchillingGoldSESSION 211:00AMSESSION 211:00AM
EricAngleGoldSESSION 211:00AMSESSION 211:00AM
JustinOakesGoldSESSION 211:00AMSESSION 211:00AM
DakotaCrowleyGoldSESSION 211:00AMSESSION 211:00AM
EthanO'DonnellGoldSESSION 211:00AMSESSION 211:00AM
DannyWillGoldSESSION 211:00AMSESSION 211:00AM
DallasCrowleyGoldSESSION 211:00AMSESSION 211:00AM
TylerYoungGoldSESSION 211:00AMSESSION 211:00AM
WillBennerRedSESSION 211:00AMSESSION 32:00PM
MikeBorrelliRedSESSION 211:00AMSESSION 32:00PM
JaredCarusoRedSESSION 211:00AMSESSION 32:00PM
AndrewColaizziRedSESSION 211:00AMSESSION 32:00PM
KyleBeachRedSESSION 211:00AMSESSION 32:00PM
ChaseVerderyRedSESSION 211:00AMSESSION 32:00PM
DylanCrammerRedSESSION 211:00AMSESSION 32:00PM
JoeBargeRedSESSION 211:00AMSESSION 32:00PM
JackLincolnRedSESSION 211:00AMSESSION 32:00PM
JustinNeskieRedSESSION 211:00AMSESSION 32:00PM
TreyPridgenRedSESSION 211:00AMSESSION 32:00PM
AugustBiggioRedSESSION 211:00AMSESSION 32:00PM
AaronMaioneRedSESSION 211:00AMSESSION 32:00PM
RyanChinRedSESSION 211:00AMSESSION 32:00PM
SamDilellaRedSESSION 211:00AMSESSION 32:00PM
MadduxCookRedSESSION 211:00AMSESSION 32:00PM
MichaelZepernickRedSESSION 211:00AMSESSION 32:00PM
JohnBennerRedSESSION 211:00AMSESSION 32:00PM
NickGrahamRedSESSION 211:00AMSESSION 32:00PM
RyanPetrucciGreySESSION 32:00PMSESSION 17:30AM
MichaelRockovichGreySESSION 32:00PMSESSION 17:30AM
RushBowmanGreySESSION 32:00PMSESSION 17:30AM
HunterZienowiczGreySESSION 32:00PMSESSION 17:30AM
NicholasHalcovichGreySESSION 32:00PMSESSION 17:30AM
RyanWilliamsonGreySESSION 32:00PMSESSION 17:30AM
DantePozziGreySESSION 32:00PMSESSION 17:30AM
JonathanFliederGreySESSION 32:00PMSESSION 17:30AM
KarsynKehlerGreySESSION 32:00PMSESSION 17:30AM
OwenHarrisGreySESSION 32:00PMSESSION 17:30AM
CaelenGrangeGreySESSION 32:00PMSESSION 17:30AM
PeterMarinoGreySESSION 32:00PMSESSION 17:30AM
NathanielFilleyGreySESSION 32:00PMSESSION 17:30AM
JohnGoriGreySESSION 32:00PMSESSION 17:30AM
DavidHammondGreySESSION 32:00PMSESSION 17:30AM
BradenTennillGreySESSION 32:00PMSESSION 17:30AM
RyanCorbinGreySESSION 32:00PMSESSION 17:30AM
HenryWatsonBlackSESSION 32:00PMSESSION 32:00PM
ColeFlemingBlackSESSION 32:00PMSESSION 32:00PM
JackWallisBlackSESSION 32:00PMSESSION 32:00PM
JacksonBouquetBlackSESSION 32:00PMSESSION 32:00PM
WillBellBlackSESSION 32:00PMSESSION 32:00PM
JaredMillerBlackSESSION 32:00PMSESSION 32:00PM
ZahanMeyerBlackSESSION 32:00PMSESSION 32:00PM
JackLincolnBlackSESSION 32:00PMSESSION 32:00PM
JonathanFliederBlackSESSION 32:00PMSESSION 32:00PM
RyanFurmanBlackSESSION 32:00PMSESSION 32:00PM
MattMcFaddenBlackSESSION 32:00PMSESSION 32:00PM
AustinParisiBlackSESSION 32:00PMSESSION 32:00PM
PrestonHeniganBlackSESSION 32:00PMSESSION 32:00PM
NicGustafsonBlackSESSION 32:00PMSESSION 32:00PM
JackPriceBlackSESSION 32:00PMSESSION 32:00PM
RyanMargetakBlackSESSION 32:00PMSESSION 32:00PM
MaxDeLormeBlackSESSION 32:00PMSESSION 32:00PM
BenSteelBlackSESSION 32:00PMSESSION 32:00PM
JeremyJensenGreySESSION 32:00PMSESSION 17:30AM
JakeBencivengaGreySESSION 32:00PMSESSION 17:30AM
AndrewRosenbergGoldSESSION 211:00AMSESSION 211:00AM
BrandonParkRedSESSION 211:00AMSESSION 32:00PM
BradleyCarvajalBlackSESSION 32:00PMSESSION 32:00PM
DerekSeagreavesGoldSESSION 211:00AMSESSION 211:00AM

  • Camp Dates: 7/17/19 – 7/18/19
  • Location: Villanova Ballpark in Plymouth Meeting, PA
  • Cost: $499