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  • I just wanted to Thank [ASBA] for all you have and are doing to help Anthony with his baseball.  His Dad and I couldn't be more pleased with your program and how you coach, teach and mentor him.  We have just seen a world of difference in his playing and are so thankful for you both and your organization.  Anthony couldn't be happier and really has developed so much more confidence.
    Thank you and we look forward to many years ahead!
    Cherie A.
    ASBA Customer
  • Thanks for the note!  The program and coaches you have assembled at ASBA have really been inspirational for him.  We have been pleased with our ASBA “investment” as more than just baseball skills, but also “life skills” , so thank you for that.  Your leadership and guidance for someone like our son (who has always listened to his coaches far more than his parents) is greatly appreciated, and in complete alignment with our approach.  (But don’t tell him that!)
    ASBA Customer
  • My son, Beau, played for several travel organizations. Although they all had something good to share, it wasn’t until we made the decision to play with Todd Davison from All-Star Baseball Academy that we got the entire package. All-Star Baseball Academy’s organization, by far, offered the most value and contact to continue playing at the collegiate level.
    Mary Anne G.
    ASBA Customer
  • Thank you for your tournament this past weekend at Villanova, Immaculata and LaSalle. My son is on the Jersey State Bombers and was at all 3 complexes. We have played travel since he has been 8. I want to compliment your staff on an excellent weekend. I do not know the secret - whether it was the weather, the college coaches presence, the circumstances of the games - but these were the 3 most relaxing, most mellow tournament games we have ever participated in. It was well run, the sites were interesting and clean, and the staff and umpires were very professional. In addition, thank you to the college coaches who stepped in and helped coach our team Sunday. That was excellent! Whether or not our son is a "prospect", we certainly appreciated the help, encouragement and advice those coaches provided. Thank you again for a great weekend!
    Parent, Jersey State Bombers
  • It was great. Definitely one of the better run showcases we’ve been too. I’m a big fan of the coaches being in the dugout. They get to interact with the kids and ask questions, and they get to see how the kids react and interact during a game as opposed to just seeing their at bats and looking at numbers.
    Parent, Walk Off Legacy
  • The instruction at All-Star Baseball Academy is excellent. Robb has been instrumental in Jake’s development as a baseball player using the right mix of fun with fundamental instruction. All the coaches, including Robb, show a commitment, passion and enthusiasm to make each player the best they can be. We do not hesitate to refer other baseball families to All-Star Baseball Academy. They have excellent coaching and quality people in the organization. In our experience, there is not a place better in the area for developing young baseball players.
    Derek S
    ASBA Customer
  • All-Star Baseball Academy has been an incredibly positive experience for our son. The benefits he has derived from the team, as well as individualized training have been very rewarding. His game and technique has improved tremendously thanks to ASBA.
    Pam G.
    ASBA Customer

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