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I would like to convey my sincere appreciation for one of your instructors Alex Di Genova. Although we have been coming to All Star for years for little league team practices, All Star group batting camp, etc this is the first year we invested into personal training. My son loves the game of baseball and this year was his first year to tryout for the 7th grade baseball team. I wanted my son to have the opportunity to be prepared for the tryouts so we purchased 10 training sessions with Alex to get him ready. Alex had an awesome way of connecting and working with our child which resulted in a continuation of positive progress. Alex’s ability to break down the movements and provide corrective action and drills to work at home was a great blend. Alex provided more than just technique, he genuinely was committed to our son’s goal and was a true caring mentor to look up to, trust and respect. In result, he made the team roster that was posted yesterday and this evening we went to All Star to share the good news and express his appreciation. Needless to say Alex was thrilled and an over whelming sense of achievement and comradery was obvious. My wife and I are thrilled that our son made the team and we are very grateful for the connection, dedication, expertise and mentoring that Alex provided. He is truly an awesome instructor but more important a great person who really cares about helping these kids succeed.

-Mark G., ASBA Downingtown

What a wonderful organization! We were looking for a positive baseball experience that would challenge our kids while teaching them strong fundamentals and a true sense of team. We have certainly found that at All-Star Baseball Academy.

The talent of the coaches goes well beyond being good ball players – they’re great coaches. The focus is on the kids, because they care about the kids. The confidence the coaches instill in them shows and is with them every time my boys step on the field.

-Jeneane B., ASBA Downingtown

All-Star Baseball Academy has been an incredibly positive experience for our son. The benefits he has derived from the team, as well as individualized training have been very rewarding. His game and technique has improved tremendously thanks to ASBA.

Our son is so PROUD to be a part of ASBA. Not a day passes that he doesn’t mention ASBA with a smile on his face. Thank you to the staff, coaches and team at ASBA for what has been a great experience for all of us!

-Pam G., ASBA West Chester

We’re so pleased with the excellent instruction that Jake is receiving. The coach’s positive attitude is infectious, and he is so encouraging. You can tell how much he enjoys working with kids. Thanks to him, Jake has come so far in such a short time.

-Jill W., ASBA Broomall

My sons have been training at ASBA Cherry Hill for several years now. I cannot say enough positive things about the instructors themselves, and the level of instruction that is consistently delivered.

What separates All-Star Baseball Academy apart from others is that their staff is truly engaged, still passionate about the game, and committed to developing the players with which they work. Whether my kids are receiving private lessons, taking part in a clinic or playing on an ASBA team, as a parent I appreciate the professional, hands-on approach that I witness in all areas.

-Merrik K., ASBA Cherry Hill

Through the personal instruction programs at All-Star, my son, Joe, has grown from an average little league pitcher to an elite pitcher at one of the most competitive all boys high schools in the area. With a commitment to solid fundamentals, he has gained a huge amount of confidence that has transformed into mound presence — the X-factor that separates one young pitcher from another. This cannot be taught. It is gained through confidence in your ability and comes through training. As a father and a little league coach myself, I was only to take my son so far.

-Joe C., ASBA Warminster

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