Q. Whats the difference between level 1 and level 2 lessons?
A.All ASBA Lesson Instructors have 4 years professional or collegiate playing experience and have passed a written test regarding the fundamentals and coaching of baseball. Our Level 2 instructors have completed over 1500 lessons with ASBA, 750 Program and Team Practice hours, and usually also have additional job duties within the company beyond giving instruction.

Q. How can I split up my lesson package?
A. Once you purchase a lesson package they are valid for all children in your immediate family. Lesson packages can be used for multiple aspects of training and only needs to be determined at the time of booking so we can give you the appropriate instructor and space for the required skill.

Q. How long do I have to use my lessons?
A. Each lesson package has an expiration which is dependent on how many lessons are purchased. We have an expiration date to ensure that you are seeing the most value out of your lessons by coming in consistently and maximizing repetitions during your instruction. Expiration lengths are: 1-3 lessons (1 Month), 4-15 lessons (3 Months), 16-31 lessons (6 Months), 32-49 (10 Months), and 50+ (12 Months). All lessons must be completed prior to the expiration date or the remaining lessons will be forfeited.

Q. Should I do a 30 or 60 minute lesson?
A. All ASBA lessons are sold in 30 minute increments but are usually combined for a 60 minute lesson. During a 60 minute lesson we will usually focus on 1 skill set for players 13+ while players 7-12 often use this to focus on multiple skill sets. It is important for players to be well rounded and succeed both offensively and defensively on the field. The 60 minute lesson allows us to do drill work while also increasing player repetitions and focusing on the mental component to the game. Simply put, we wouldn’t take our own child out to practice for only 30 minutes, we would make sure to get an hour’s worth of work in each time.

Q. How often should we come in for a lesson?
A. Just like anything in life, the more you practice the better you will get. At a minimum players should train both in and out of season once a week. Only you can be the judge of how frequently you can make it but players who do not practice on their own at home will need to make sure they are finding a way to get additional reps between lessons so they can continue to progress. This may mean that additional lessons are necessary to meet your desired goals.

Q. How do you pick the right instructor?
A. Our qualified staff will help you choose the right instructor based on your child’s skill set, personality and learning style. Some determining factors will be based on the skill set you want to focus on for instruction as well as your availability and instructor schedules. Once you do pick an instructor we would suggest using the same coach consistently for that specific skill set so you can have continuity and build a relationship. In order to ensure this is an option we suggest that you schedule in advance to make sure we can work with your schedule and the coach’s availability.

Q. When can I schedule my lessons?
A. We usually are able to schedule lessons out at least 3 months in advance. In order to maintain a consistent coach and have flexibility with your schedule we suggest you take advantage of this. Lessons can be scheduled in person or over the phone. Keep in mind we have a 24 hour cancellation policy so pre booked lessons can easily be adjusted if needed.

Q. Do we have to pay for the lessons up front?
A. In order to schedule lessons in our system you must have paid for your package in advance. This is done to make sure that we can best accommodate all lesson clients throughout the course of the year. All lessons packages should be paid for in full up front. Please contact the facility manager if you have any specific questions pertaining to lesson payments.

Q. How do you pick the right lesson package?
A. In our 15 years of experience we have seen that many ASBA clients end up purchasing multiple lesson packages. This being said, the right lesson package is based on your goals and commitment to getting better. We would suggest that you focus on setting goals, deciding how often you can commit to coming for lessons, and then picking the right package for your family based on the above answers and your current financial situation.

Q. When should we arrive on event day?
A. Please arrive 15-25 minutes prior to your scheduled tryout time to check in at the front desk. After checking in all players and parents should congregate in the lobby.

Q. Should my son warm up and be ready to go before we get to tryouts?
A. We encourage that all players should be ready to play and do drills when they show up to tryouts.  However, coaches will warm players up and begin the tryout process while a staff member talks to all parents in the lobby.

Q. What’s next after once the player has completed their portion of the workout?
A. Once a player has completed his portion of the workout they will be able to leave. Pitchers and Catchers should be prepared to stay the longest.

Q. When we will know if players make the team, and what are the steps once they do?
A. Please keep in mind that no decisions for the team will be made until the final tryout date has been completed. We ask that no phone calls are made to ask for updates during the first 14 days. All players must respond back to offers within 24 hours of receiving notice in order to expedite the process of contacting all players. Regardless of ASBA’s decision we will contact everyone who attended a tryout with feedback and a plan of action moving forward. Team commitments require a non-refundable deposit at time of commitment.

Q. Where do the Junior Teams compete?
A. The All-Star Baseball Academy Junior Teams compete in travel tournaments sponsored by AAU, USSSA and Cal Ripken Baseball. The teams compete in tournaments at Sports at the Beach, Cal Ripken Baseball Complex, Diamond Nation, Berkshire, Grand Slam America, Future Stars Tournaments and Elite Championship Tournament Baseball.

Q. Other than tournaments how do the Junior Teams stay ahead of the curve?
A. The ASBA Junior Teams typically play a fall and spring season. The fall season runs from September through October, and the spring season begins with winter workouts in December and runs through April. Players are invited to attend tryouts at their local ASBA location; click here for a full list of tryout dates.

Q. How can we register to be part of a Junior Team?
A. If interested, click here to fill out our registration form. Please refer to the League Age Chart to confirm your son’s league age. If you have any questions or would like to get more information, please contact your local ASBA today!

Q. Where do the Senior Futures teams compete?
A. The All Star Baseball Academy Futures Program Teams compete in travel tournaments selectively chosen to provide high level competition and exposure opportunities for our players. Many of the tournament providers include Diamond Nation, Starz Tournaments, Elite Championship Tournament Baseball, Virginia Sports Complex, Impact Baseball, Dynamic Baseball, Super 6 Tournaments, and Perfect Game USA WWBA and BCS National Championships.

Q. What are the goals for the Futures program?
A. The goals of our Futures Program are rooted around overall player development – both on and off the field. We want to prepare our players to play at the highest level of their athletic capabilities as well as individually prepare them for effective navigation of the college recruiting process. Our coaches focus on the development of individual skills in a teamwork setting while our program advisors work directly with each family to help identify that player’s right fit.

Q. What is ASBA’s recognition with as a company?
A. Our program is nationally recognized as one of the top travel programs by college coaches and by premiere tournament providers. This tradition of quality allows for ASBA to receive more bids to coveted tournaments that can enhance exposure opportunities for our players.

Q. What is the goal for each player in the Senior Program?
A. Ultimately we seek to provide each player in our program with the opportunity to gain exposure to college coaches and pro scouts. Over the past decade the ASBA Futures Program teams have helped over 500 players in reaching their goals of playing collegiate and professional baseball. Please reference our Alumni List of former players with their collegiate commitments and professional signings.

Q.  What do kids do at your summer camps?
A. Our camps typically will start with a group warm up and team building activity and then players will be broken into smaller groups for instructional training. Each day we will focus on teaching the fundamentals in the morning. Players will then have lunch and we will play instructional games and have fun competitions during the afternoon. On the last day of camp we typically play more games and do less drill work in the morning.

Q. What happens if it rains?
A. We do our best to monitor the weather and plan accordingly. If we see a day with lots of rain in the forecast we will usually bring camp inside of our closest facility. We do also have the option of moving a day of camp to Friday if we feel that is a better solution for the week given multiple rainy days. As far as summer rain storms that pass through we will typically take a break in the dugouts or other covered areas depending on the camp site and adjust lunch or play baseball trivia games until the rain passes.

Q. Do kids have to bring their own lunch?
A. For all camps kids should bring their own bagged lunch unless otherwise noted. Some college coaches camps will offer a lunch purchase option depending on the location and facilities. All players should bring plenty of liquids to camp and All-Star will make sure there is an option to refill water bottles as needed.

Q. Who are the coaches at your summer camps?
A. Our summer camps are kept to a maximum 7:1 player to coach ratio. Coaches are comprised of our ASBA instructors along with some local High School Baseball players who have trained in our program and are looking to teach players in their community.

Q. What do kids wear to camp?
A. Kids can wear shorts and T-Shirts to our camps. We do suggest hats as players will be out in the sun for several hours. Many players like to bring a pair of baseball pants in their bag to put on for the game in the afternoon so they can slide more comfortably. If you are attending an Indoor camp we would ask that you wear sneakers and not cleats.

Q. What equipment does my child need to bring?
A. Players should bring their baseball equipment and make sure that all items have their name or initials on them. We will have extra bats and helmets available for those players who do not have their own. There is no need to bring catching equipment to camp for any player.

Q. How does drop off and pickup work?
A. Parents can drop players off 15 minutes before camp and should check in with a coach upon arrival. We would ask that all players are picked up within 15 minutes of the end of camp. For anyone carpooling we will need a written note with permission sent to the building or dropped off at camp by check in time each morning.